13 reasons that Jason will kill you

  1. It’s Friday the 13th.

  2. You’re not dead.

  3. You were not drinking responsibly.

  4. You were trying to score and forgot that Jason is a goalie.

  5. For talking about his mom.

  6. He’s a muthafuckin’… Cop Killer!!!!!!!!

  7. He didn’t mean to.

  8. He told a really funny joke about Freddy and you died laughing.

  9. He didn’t appreciate it when you told him to “go find a pig to fuck”. (Freddy vs. Jason)

  10. You’re so dumb you can’t even start your dead friend’s car.

  11. You didn’t pass the dutchie.

  12. You are an asshole.

  13. It’s in his contract.

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