13 Things You Might Not Have Known about Your Fave Celebs

1) John Goodman isn’t “good.” He’s a child murderer!

2) Ellen DeGeneres’ hair is actually a wig made of spaghetti!

3) Robert Pattinson once ate a Jack Russell terrier in a Target bathroom!

4) Drake the rapper isn’t who you think he is. He’s actually two sand sharks in a trench coat!

5) Miley Cyrus? Not a virgin!

6) Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy’s, isn’t alive. He’s dead!

7) Big news about Bruce Jenner: the fella loves to eat tacos!

8) What’s that growing in Jennifer Aniston’s tummy? It’s Kuato!

9) Neil Armstrong wasn’t just an astronaut — he also suffered from terrible gas!

10) Abe Lincoln was wicked rad on the Vert ramp!

11) Character actress Swoosie Kurtz’s name isn’t Susie. It’s Swoosie!

12) Remember Keenan & Kel? Keenan is now in his 11th season on Saturday Night Live, while Kel was snatched up by a condor and never seen again!

13) I got nothing.

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