13th Floor Elevators: Live Evolution Lost

Hagbard Celine, contributor

 On this three-album multi-colored set, we find the classic 13th Floor Elevators lineup working new material for their second LP right at the time they were free falling from flying too close to the sun.

 Put together by the band’s biographer, Paul Drummond, and mastered by Sonic Boom (he of Spaceman 3, who made a quasi-Elevators-attempt to take drugs to make music to take drugs to 20 years after these Texans). Legend has it that this set was recorded while the band (hiding from the fuzz) was too far out on acid. The looseness of the set backs that theory, but the band were pros and could pull it off!

 Unhinged? Yes! Is it worth your trimming cash? Totally! The pride of Texas!

 Rating: 11 out of 12 PBR cans!

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