Of Montreal – Aureate Gloom

Samantha Gilweit, contributor

Trying to find that perfect album to listen to while playing laser tag and crying? Look no further, Of Montreal’s Aureate Gloom is here to help. Brash and glittery, upbeat and sad, Of Montreal’s latest is a tour de force that wants to seriously fuck with your brain.

Thoroughly at home with ‘70s influences, the album tips its hat to T. Rex, Bowie and the Kinks, yet feels incredibly modern with a controlled and nuanced avant-garde sound. Of Montreal doesn’t shy away from getting weird. Lead singer and songwriter, Kevin Barnes has admitted to over-sharing in his songs. Lyrics like “masturbating your father’s pain” from the synth-pop track “Empyrean Abattoir” will have you dancing while also speed-dialing your therapist.

Forceful, yet raucously fun, Aureate Gloom is a sequined and shiny spoonful of sugar that helps the medicine go down.

Rating: 11 out of 12 Cans of PBR

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