$46 Letter #2

[please, I need people to get this…]

Ok people, here is the first and last word on dreadlocks! I am a black woman and it took less than a month for me to have completely developed locks (smaller ones that aren’t naturally formed take longer). In fact, I didn’t even separate my hair into sections, those divisions happened on their own. It was not extra work, it was not a challenge, and guess what?!! It wouldn’t have taken so easily if I had stopped washing it. This is a convenient functional hairstyle for many people who have incredibly kinky hard-to-deal-with hair.

That being said, Humboldt: Stop lumping ethnic people with hippies and idiot plazoids!

Yes, I have dreadlocks, but it’s because it used to take me more than three hours to comb my hair out. On top of this there were many other limitations based on weather, climate and things you can’t possibly imagine if you have a different kind of hair. People often don’t believe me, but it is a million times easier to deal with locks than my natural hair.

More importantly, just because the hairstyle is associated with prominent stereotypes does not mean that everyone that sports the style is associated with them. This goes for both Hippies and Rastas.

Hippies: If your dreadlocks are beautiful and don’t stink, regardless of your race, MORE POWER TO YOU! If you are gross, Fuck You! Stop spreading lice and playing hand drums poorly. Those of us with nice locks and a sense of rhythm don’t appreciate it.

And Rastas: Guess what? You have one of the newest religions on this Earth. If you don’t believe it, look it up! The roots may be ancient, but your ties to the dreadlock hairstyle are not so substantial that you get to dictate who gets to wear their hair in this fashion. I only mention this because I have been aggressively accosted, on more than one occasion, with the ridiculous notion that I must take someone else’s religion into consideration before I style my hair in a way it naturally gravitates to. A style everyone probably rocked before the invention of combs. I call Bullshit! Am I not free?

Don’t answer that.

All this being said, this hairstyle, (especially worn by someone benefiting from its functionality), does not imply that the wearer listens to Reggae, Dubstep or Jam Bands. It also does not lend itself to using subpar slang like “sister”, “Goddess” and completely random utterances of “Namaste”. Personally, I’m a fucking Metalhead-Rockergirl! Yeah, I’m black and I like Carcass and the Melvins. My good days start with Motorhead and end with Iron Maiden. Stop trying to stereotype people based on hair and skin tone. You sound like idiots. I have dreadlocks, I wash my hair and I have no use for your fucking spare change. Namaste assholes!!!


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