#47 Letter 1

Hello S.H.I.T. I love your new “Art issue” but there is one problem, I’d hate to poop on your potty, but the “Chinese burger scientists” are actually Japanese!

上から見た(I can’t read the last two Kanji which I have not included) The reading is about seeing from the top, and 下から見た is something about seeing it from the bottom.

I figured I’d just jump in for a second to be a pretentious Otaku, then let you go back on your way!

lo Cottontail

You are so right. I’m pretty good at spotting Korean, what with all the ‘O’s and Thai, with all the little curlies, but I guess I’m pretty crappy at spotting other script. You are right, I was wrong, desu, desu, desu.



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