7 Apps That Someone Needs to Make for Me Right Now

Apps! We like ’em. Heck, we love ’em! And we need us some more. I’ll give all the money I make from this article* to the first person that builds these amazing apps. Apps!

– A sleep sounds app that’s just Kevin Costner reading the The Little Prince

– An app that translates rappers’ tweets

– A photo app that adds a small, golden Sears Portrait Studio logo in the corner of every picture

– A local news station weather app that allows that one creepy meteorologist to use your phone’s camera to watch you sleep

– An app for women that automatically comments “OMG U LOOK SOOOO PRETTY” anytime one of their girlfriends posts a selfie

– A GPS enabled app that tracks your carrier pigeon as it delivers important messages across town

– A app that scans your text messages for sarcasm and highlights the phrases in red
*approximately $1.42 per app

About Isaac Kozell

Isaac Kozell is a New Orleans based Writer and Standup Comedian. He spends his spare time skateboarding, gardening, and reminiscing about that one time back in '99 when he was invited onstage to perform with the band Sugar Ray.

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