Other ‘80s Slang We Forgot

The language of the 1980s was inventive and colorful. Radical. Awesome. Tubular, just to name a few. Here are some words and phrases from the ‘80s you might have forgotten.

Testicular – When someone does something ballsy or brave.
Don’t be so Gaddafi – When someone does something mean spirited or displeasing.
Don’t be so Allaytola – See above.
Don’t be so Gorbachev – See above above.
Hinckley’d – When someone almost hits their target.
Royal Wedding – Having a party.
A Corey – Your best friend.
Max Headroom – Cutting edge technology.
Buckner – A huge mistake.
E.T. – A person in the U.S. illegally.
Pop Rocks – Crack cocaine.

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