• Whatever Way Possible – The Matt Knudsen Interview

    After a five-year run with the Merchant Marines, Matt Knudsen coasted into LA on the hope-and-dream fumes of becoming a comedian and actor. Since then he’s appeared in numerous shows and films, like Gangster Squad with Sean Penn, Workaholics, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and The League. He also just released his third comedy album, Yes And, recorded at the LA staple Josh & Josh Show. I talked to Matt about his history in the biz, the power of delusion, and his favorite celebrity encounters.   Isaac Kozell: In 2009 you got Best of Fest at Just for Laughs in Montreal. A lot …

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  • Henderson Centaur Interview

  • The Audacity of Soap

  • Web Letter

    Savage Henry is epic. Hands down my favorite magazine, and I don’t even read magazines! If I send you guys 35 dollars or something like that could you mail a monthly copy to my apartment?   Sincerely, a musician   Ed note – Thanks A. Musician, we offer subscriptions for $50 a year! Thanks!

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  • Fire Letter