The Absinthe Minded Professor’s Guide to New Drinks

Marshall Boyett, mixologist 

Editor’s note: If you read Savage Henry, you’re probably pretty hip. So when we sought to provide you a hip (and paid-for) syndicated column, we decided that the Absinthe Minded Professor’s Guide to New Drinks was the one. So sit back and soak up, then try to stump your local bartender with these concoctions.

Strawberry Shortcake Three parts Seagram’s 7 and four parts Safeway- brand strawberry soda. Over ice in a tumbler.

Southern Baptist Sun tea with a generous amount of peach schnapps. Over ice in a highball glass.

Tropical Trailer Park Pabst Blue Ribbon, with splashes of pineapple, peach and passion fruit juice. In a pint glass.

The Grape Crusader Six parts church wine and a splash of grape juice. In a rocks glass.

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