Advertise With Savage Henry

Why should you advertise with Savage Henry Magazine? Well, if you’re a Humboldt-based business that’s looking for a customer with a sense of humor who wants to keep it local and who may or may not be making at least 10 percent of their income in the marijuana industry than we’re probably the advertising venue for you. This site, along with our monthly print publication, surprisingly spans demographics rarely seen on the same side of the analysis page. Old, young, hippy and hippier, they all read and log onto Savage Henry.

Email and we’ll send you the spiel (PDF file, 657k), or call Chris Durant at 707.845.8864.

Testimonials from Savage Henry advertisers:

“These are the best ad dollars I have ever spent. People call and are like ‘you’re the guys in Savage Henry right?’” — Kelly Nathane, AMPT Skateshop

“Advertising with Savage Henry catapulted my store to the top of the Fortune 420 list. Thanks Savage Henry!” — Ethan Eldredge, DTA Humboldt

“All I know is that I had the one ad with you guys and got such a huge response that it almost scared me for our opening! To the point that I decided to hold off advertising anywhere else for a bit. You guys are the best and will always have our support! Keep up the good work.”
Darren, The Local Beer Bar

“The Savage Henry staff are some of the most kind, real and true salt of the Earth, warm-blooded Americans who really do give a fuck about what’s going on in the world. And we didn’t get paid to say that.” — Keith Lionetti, owner Chainbangerz Disc Golf

“I have placed ads with almost every Humboldt County media outlet, and every month I was promised so much interest in my product, not until I teamed up with the fine folk at Savage Henry have I truly felt the feedback of the public that I needed for my business to start to fly on it’s own. Thank God for Savage Henry.” — Sonny Wong, World Wide Wong

Thank you Savage! The first thing I think everyone needs to know about Savage is how professional and easy the crew is to deal with. The second thing I think everyone needs to understand is the diverse nature of Savage readers. I had a conversation with a 67 year old woman in the Arcata plaza about my business and she told me that I should try advertising in the Savage Henry. I told her I actually have a full page ad in this month’s issue and I was surprised to see that her, as an older woman, was an avid Savage Henry reader. She replied: “Hey, old people like to get high and read funny sh*t too!” — Alister Shirazi, The iPhone Surgeon

I advertise in Savage Henry because people spend a lot of time with those pages! — Brandi Winch, Humboldt Fire

We have recently printed our first advertisement in the Savage Henry magazine, as so far it has certainly made a dramatic difference. There used to be only one manic transient that called our storefront’s portico home, now we have a “family” of them. Though displeasingly aromatic, they are very helpful when it comes to fighting off the feral dog pack that has started patrolling the area since the ad first printed. And somehow, the advertisement is being misinterpreted as a call for submissions of erotica manuscripts, albeit distracting, the mistake is not being frowned upon. Lastly, our customer base has dramatically increased since running the little 2”x 3 ½” wonder, we now stock a wide selection of incontinence apparel in order to keep up with increasing demand. We would definitely recommend using S.H.I.T to advertise with, if anything it will hopefully thin out our growing family of morning well-wishers. — Luke, Beneficial Biologics

“Dirtbags walk through the door every other day and say “I used your ad in SHIT to wipe my ass this morning when they were out of TP in the B&B”. Just kidding. “We have received more business from our Savage Henry ad than any other single form of advertising. It’s a deal that can’t be beat.” — Wesley, Mirador Glass