AJJ – The Bible 2

RJ Rueber, contributor

Is it a true sequel to God’s #1 best seller? No, it’s simply AJJ (Formerly known as Andrew Jackson Jihad), and it kicks ass nonetheless.
AJJ, fresh off a name change and insults from dick-wad fans, punches the hater’s teeth in with some loud, raw, and thought-provoking tunes. In typical AJJ style, the lyrics will give you a chuckle and still hit you right in the heart. Believe it or not, all the outrageous verses about violence and being a dick to inanimate objects are metaphors for real things that even you can relate too. This album feels extra familiar, especially in the slow piano ballad “No More Shame, No More Dread.” Musically, the album rocks. The guitar solos are trippy and mind-fucking, and Mark Glick’s cello makes a more bold and bad-ass appearance than in their previous records, tying the music together and helping to create something truly unique.

Overall, The Bible 2 kicks major ass, and whoever says otherwise can go to hell.

12/12 Cans of PBR!

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