Album of the Month: John Carpenter – Lost Themes II

Director John Carpenter is known for his unique take on horror and science fiction with classic films such as Halloween, Escape from New York, Big Trouble in Little China, and They Live. What many people do not realize is that the soundscape music which perfectly complimented his movies were composed by none other than Mr. Carpenter himself.
Now, with last year’s magnificent Lost Themes and the latest release, Lost Themes II, Carpenter continues to create mystical, synth-heavy, atmospheric “New Age” soundtracks. Songs like “Distant Dream,” and “Angel’s Asylum” are more buoyant, accompanied by hard-hitting rock and roll drum rhythms with elegantly-placed guitar lines. Other songs have cool titles like “Persia Rising,” “Windy Death,” “Virtual Survivor,” and “Utopian Facade.” Who doesn’t appreciate badass song titles?

Lost Themes II is more upbeat than its predecessor, making this disc a nice upward swing from where the last album left off. The CD has a neat-o bonus track entitled “Real Xeno,” a slow psychedelic trip with funeral organ and a catchy guitar riff repeating its way through space and time.

The only downside of this record, and the first Lost Themes album is that no film exists for a visual companion. Carpenter left that part up to us as the listener. In the movie world sequels are often half-assed, uninspired clones capitalizing off of the success and attention of the first venture. This does not apply to Lost Themes II.

Rating: 12 out of 12 cans of PBR!

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