Album Review: Atoms for Peace “Amok”

Astro De Rosa, contributor 

Atoms for Peace is Thom Yorke’s musical collaboration with super producer Nigel Godrich, along with Flea and two percussionists.

At 5 feet tall, Yorke walks a thin, contradicting line between organic and electronic music. Whether the sounds are created on the fly, or placed carefully in editing and post production, there’s a sense of appeal that stems from music combining multiple diverse elements.

Every song on “Amok” is a linear equation resulting in an album of off beat-shuffles and layers of vocal harmonizing. Yorke’s falsetto notes dance joyously among more floor orientated rhythms. Flea refrains from his typical slap, playing the bass with a sense of backbone.

“Amok” trails onward with many highs and only a few lows. Anything Thom Yorke creates deserves your attention.

8 out of 12 cans of PBR 

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