Album Review: Barn Owl -“V”

Bagel, contributor

Barn Owl is not what they seem.

I wanted to use a bunch of Twin Peaks references for this one, but really I didn’t expect Barn Owl to sound this way. I don’t know exactly what I was expecting, but it wasn’t this.

This is their fifth album, hence the “V” moniker, but if the early stuff is like the tracks on “V,” I’m impressed they were able to put out five albums. The entire record is like an interlude to a spaced-out, ambient song.

Track five “Pacific Isolation,” is the shortest in length at 2:41 and has a cool build that actually grabbed my attention. Unfortunately, it serves only as an intro for the 17:32 minute noise swell and decay that immediately followed. The track is titled “The Opulent Decline,” which isn’t very opulent and I guess the decline is the let down I felt when I realized I might be the butt of a joke, having wasted 20 minutes listening to pedal play and tone swells.

If I’m missing the genius of Barn Owl, I apologize. I’m going to have a cup of coffee that’s black as a moonless midnight, while enjoying a damn fine piece of pie accompanied by the log lady.

Rating: 3 out of 12 damn fine cups of coffee

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