Album Review: Blackheart Honeymoon “Nothing and everything else”

Bagel, contributor

The six-song offering from Seattle group Blackheart Honeymoon is a glimpse into the songwriting and vocal gifts of the Reverend Ian Prebo.

He is joined by original Blackheart member, and undisputed bass master Wes Amundesen on the upright, and backed by the ridiculously talented musical rascals of Lowmen Markos. All six songs have great power and an unabashed emotion to them. There’s a lot of “heart on your sleeve” lyrical content and plenty of gorgeous tones.

The second track “I’m a Liar (and I Love You),” is an all out hit that falls somewhere in the “smoky pool hall-western blues” genre. However, the undisputed highlight is the ballad, “We All Fall Down (Sometimes).” The repetitive, crushing chorus in incredibly powerful and memorable.

This is a great little record. You’ll be stuck humming two songs for the foreseeable future, so listen accordingly.

Rating: 10 of 12 cans of PBR!!! 

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