Album Review: my bloody valentine – m b v

Astro De Rosa, contributor

It’s been twenty-two years. We could have conceived, raised, and legally intoxicated an adult between 1991’s “Loveless” and the just released “m b v.”

Thanks to Kevin Shields’ psychopathic perfectionist tendencies the third My Bloody Valentine album is finally here, and it is amazing. Soft buzzing tremolo/distortion over layers of lush guitar lines alongside gorgeous hymns uttered with a somber indifference. Shields used an all-analog recording process (no computers were used in the editing of the album).

Infamously known as the loudest band of all time, “m b v” is a true landmark experience in sound healing. It’s a strange record, beautiful and hypnotic, nauseating and stimulating. Every color of noise ranges through the sonic trajectory and the result is stunningly, unadulterated bliss. Seeing MBV live was one of the most profound experiences of my entire life.

“My Bloody best band ever in the history of the universe” is more like it.

Rating: 12 out of 12 Cans of PBR 

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