Album Review: Carcrashlander, “A Plan to Tell the Future.”

Bagel, contributor

I knew the name Carcrashlander sounded familiar. I had attended one of their shows a few years back, but had difficulty in recalling their sound. This was most likely attributed to a few too many beers and telling some awesome story outside of the venue. I did remember that they were nice kids and their new album is sick!

“A Plan to Tell the Future” jumps out of the gate with “Walls of the World,” a cinematic track that’s sly in its grandeur. The floating vocals whisper inside my head, telling me to do things that might hurt. I hit repeat and feel like James Bond.

The record held my interest as it traveled over a few spectrums stylistically, and would make a good soundtrack for road trips, especially to Oregon. The recording was described to me as “Sunday morning coffee music” but I’ll most likely be listening to album highlight “Call in Sick to Work Today,” in my truck as I’m going fishing on a Tuesday.

Rating: 9 of 12 cans of PBR! 

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