Album Review Clintongore: “Clintongore”

Leah Brzezinski, contributor  

“Oh great, Brooklyn hipster synth-pop,” (rolls eyes, sighs, presses play). “Oh?! Great Brooklyn hipster synth-pop!”

Clintongore (pronounced clin-TAH- na-GO-rey) are the type of duo you’d love to hate. There’s the clever name, ironic eyewear, and fancy album art, but they’re sweet, catchy and just too irresistibly cute to deny. Chris Crawford’s bouncy, brazzy beats anchor the innocent insistence of Sierra Frost’s vocals. You’ll feel as though you’ve been invited to some neon-lit, sweaty underground party scene.

Reminiscent of Yaz (see intro to “Watch Out”), but with Frost’s futuristic angelic echo, the melodies just keep coming on this 10 track debut. Keep your ears peeled for “I Need A Star,” “It’s So Right When We Get it Wrong,” and a particularly sweet cover of Tom Petty’s “You’re So Bad.”

It’s that moment when the popular kids open up and tell you about their (first world) problems, when you realize they’re only human and you’re just being a jealous asshole.

Rating: 9 out of 12 cans of PBR!!!

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