Album Review: Deap Vally “Get Deap EP!”

Cee Cee Hill, contributor

“Deap Vally”  is comprised of two bad-ass chicks who totally know how to rock and they are on a mission to blow our minds. Lindsey Troy plays fierce guitar and hollers while Julie Edwards bangs the drums as if possessed by the devil.

The band’s first recording, “Get Deap!” presents four unhinged, unrestrained and electrifying tracks. With feisty riffs and catchy melodies, these songs will make you shake your head, sing along and dance. Heavy rock n’ roll is back, and this time it’s led by two women with attitude making raw, unadulterated music.

Deap Vally is going to make you sweat and, you know what? You are going to like it! In Biblical terms, the band is a revelation and “Get Deap” is their Genesis.

Rating: 11 out of 12 Cans of PBR!!!


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