Album Review: Eating Club “Eating Club”

Sam Greenspan, contributor

The self-titled album from Alex Bortnichak, or Eating Club, is truly a dynamic showcase of not only his inherent talent (Bortnichak being responsible for almost all instruments heard on the record), but also his influences. 

This deeply personal album is one of the best displays of self I’ve heard from an artist; it’s intrinsic authenticity standing out passionately in a sea of cookie-cutter aesthetics. There is something deeply familiar about this music, as if Modest Mouse and The Pixies got wine drunk and had a baby named Eating Club. However, this does not take away from Bortnichak’s own unique, expressive identity. 

This album, from the both rollicking and concurrently haunting first track “Battle Hymn,” to the deeply ethereal and pastoral last track “Eugene,” has something for everyone and every mood.

I have no idea what inspired Bortnichak’s band name, but you’re gonna want in on this club. 

Rating: 12 out of 12 cans of PBR!

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