Album Review: Feral Ohms

Feral Ohms

Feral Ohms

Amanaka, Contributor

Remember getting thrown up against a wall and liking it?

That’s what Feral Ohms feels like. A good old fashion ass kick straight to the ears.

The name “Ethan Miller” was enough to get me interested. Miller has a stellar track record of musical outlets, playing in bands such as Comets on Fire, Heron Oblivion and Howlin Rain.

This records resurrects teen angst and rebirths it into a flaming bag of shit to stomp out in the pit.

Highlights include “Living Junk” with its irresistible “scuzz biker-rock” riff and bat-shit crazy (and perfect) guitar solo. Elsewhere, “Teenage God Born to Die” features a guitar line more addictive than China White, perfectly accompanied by desperate, howled vocals. The track dissolves into a guitar breakdown, followed by a balls-out, over-driven wild ride out of an outro, complete with a yelped repetition of the song’s title. Holy shit.

Every track is guaranteed to have a fuzz/scuzz feedback flanked outro that makes the whole thing sound like one long song, or one hell of a live show that I wouldn’t dare miss.

Feral Ohms have the energy of a volcanic fury, and you’ll turn yourself inside out trying to keep up with them. It’s “caveman psych,” and these fellas take no breaks.

Rating: 10 out of 12 cans of PBR!

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