Album Review: Lyndol Descant “Reach Up”

Lyndol Descant

Reach Up

Sam Greenspan, contributor

On her self-produced second album, the sublimely talented Lyndol Descant gives us a recording that is melodic and sweet listening for anyone’s ears. I should clarify, that last descriptor could easily be misconstrued as a milquetoast synapses, as if it could just as easily be background music – quite the opposite.

Imagine a record where Lisa Loeb leaned in to her lyrics, or If Joni Mitchell actually had bass harmonies. It’s a full, well rounded sound that is both tantalizing and calming.

The first song “Sweet Spot,” effortlessly lures you into her aesthetic, but be prepared for your heartstrings to be stretched when you arrive at “Stay Away.”

This is the perfect album for the transition between Spring and Summer. The album, like our glorious natural splendors, blooms all around you in only the best possible ways.

Rating: 10 out of 12 cans of PBR!

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