Album Review: Lyndsey Battle “All Ways in a Good Way”

Rosa Green, contributor 

If I were floating over lavender fields of France in a hot air balloon with kids and a parrot, this album would be my accompanying soundtrack. It is whimsical, easy listening and gives one a comfortable sense of smugness. Though lacking in complexity, the songs are sweet and instantly memorable.

The track “In a Good Way,” features a Caribbean feel with steel drums and a fun foot-tapping beat. “Hawks,” is such a Humboldt song that I have to love it no matter what. It has a bouncy, banjo feel and highlights her mellow voice. “Chickens in the compost lookin’ for food/ I’m out here lookin’ for solitude,” she sings in a pleasant, relaxed tone. The album also features musicians both homegrown and from places as far away as Ms. Battle’s home state of Florida.

Lyndsey Battle’s “All Ways in a Good Way” is a Humboldt music win. She’s always fun live, and it follows suit that her album is a good listen while you muck about your daily business.

Rating: 8 out of 12 cans of PBR!!! 

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