Album Review: Moira Scar “Scarred For Life”

Joel Leavitt, contributor   

Rather than write a traditional review, I thought I’d share a little tale of my week listening to Moira Scar.

Day 1: What the fuck did Ben send me?
Day 2: I got an e-mail from the band saying they love Savage Henry Magazine.
Day 3: Organ grinder. . .that’s me singing in a deep voice! Day 4: I can’t tell if this sucks or if its fantastic?
Day 5: I got mean mugged by my neighbor for playing this loud as hell in my garage!
Day 6: I’m bumping it.
Day 7: Still bumping it.

My Grandma had a hard time understanding the East Coast vs. West Coast beef, and I have a hard time understanding this. Moira Scar is difficult to classify, but it’s something like outer space circus punk. They definitely have something unique going on though, so give them a listen.

Rating: 6 of 12 PBR’s!!! 

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