Album Review: Mudhoney “Vanishing Point”

Cee Cee Hill, contributor

“Vanishing Point” is Mudhoney’s ninth album in 25 years. The first song is raw, unproduced and doesn’t sound like the work of a “veteran band.” I’m sure they’re competent in production techniques, so I imagine this is a statement on how they like to record. If you are able to overcome that unexpected moment, things actually get better.

This album is what you’d expect from Mudhoney; loud, fun, unapologetic and catchy songs like “I Like It Small” and “I Don’t Remember You.” Elsewhere, “Douchebags on Parade” and “In This Rubber Tomb” sizzle with that unique, dirty Mudhoney feel.

It’s definitely not good for a headache. Mark Arms’ voice is piercing and raucous, and the quality of the guitars and drums compensate for it.

Despite their age, Mudhoney stay true to themselves and the way they play music.

7 out of 12 cans of PBR 

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