Album Review: ODESZA “Summer’s Gone”

Astro De Rosa, contributor

A production duo from the Pacific Northwest, ODESZA create pretty, soulful electronica. There’s a special lightness to their new album. It’s a positive message, utopian chords played over up- tempo trip-hop.

Although the music is instrumental, the album seems to have a narrative. The band’s overall sound is pleasing to the ear and will appeal to fans of Air, Mount Kimbie, Flying Lotus, Gold Panda, and The Books.

Undoubtedly the turning point on the record comes at the final stage on the track “IPlayUListen.” The warmth of an acoustic piano is accompanied by smooth electronics echoing elegantly into the atmosphere.

There’s a particular safeness to this ear candy aesthetic. Is it elevator music gone soft core electronica, or deep wallowing in uncharted emotional territory? “Summer’s Gone” is worth the listen.

Rating: 7 out of 12 cans of PBR 

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