Album Review: The Postal Service – Give up (Deluxe 10th Anniversary edition)

Leah Brzezinski, contributor

I remember playing Super Mario Brothers on NES for the first time. Sure, there had been other video games before it, but when that little overall-clad plumber stomped a goomba, something inside me knew technology had changed things irrevocably.

The Postal Service’s “Give Up” caused a similarly transformative moment in 2003 where the stars “perfectly aligned” and a seminal indie-electro record was born. The heart-on- his-sleeve lyrical confessions of Ben Gibbard paired with Jimmy Tamborello’s near-perfect production on now-classic songs like “Clark Gable” and “Such Great Heights” always
bring me back to my days as a self-absorbed, frequently lovelorn graduate student.

The deluxe version from Sub Pop records features fifteen bonus tracks, including two brand new songs, “Turn Around” and “A Tattered Line of String,” and covers by The Shins and Iron & Wine. I still know all the original songs like I know where all the 1UPS and coins are in the game.

Some things just stick with you, I guess, even if time has passed.

Rating: 10 out of 12 PBRs

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