Album Review: Samantha Gilweit “Single.Mother.Fucker.”

Samantha Gilweit


M.Bunny, contributor

Samantha Gilweit’s crisp, clear and captivating vocals immediately entrance the listener, captivating them instantly for this thoroughly enjoyable production.

Samantha’s voice just sounds sooo right, like you’re listening to an awesomely hilarious audio book with great backing tracks to boot. Upon first listen, I was drawn to the words and her wonderful voice. On a second listen (by choice), I found myself attracted to the incredible melodies and catchy lyrics. I caught myself singing her tunes while wandering around shopping the other day. Within one minute of listening to the first track, I was able to relate: living on the coast, pigs and porking, or lack thereof.

This is not just a silly CD or Cassette, it’s a great musical piece, with incredible songwriting and even an appearance from (seminal 90’s indie band) Jawbreaker’s Adam Pfahler!

If you’re into laughing, and appreciate quality music all in one package, I highly encourage you to seek out the Single.Mother.Fucker. EP by Samantha Gilweit!

Rating: 10 out 12 cans of PBR!

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