Album Review: TUMBLES-215 “Growing Pains”

Tim Stiles, contributor


As a past Arcata/Humboldt resident, I have a lot of respect for the growers, culture, etc. Hell, I’m writing a review for SH!


With that said, I’m in no way qualified to judge this album on content, but I was impressed by the many terminology references used in very creative ways on “Strain Man. I’m a sucker for the skill of storytelling, and TUMBLES-215 shines in that regard on many — including my favorite, “Growing My Life Away” — the most impressively dissertated song on the album.


It’s unfortunate that many tracks suffer from unimpressive production and flows more derivative than unique (i.e. “Dope Dozer”) and the entire album is not mixed well. The low end is almost nonexistent and vocals aren’t settled properly throughout. I worry that this may result in listeners not staying tuned in. If you’re able to listen beyond those downfalls, you’ll find an artist who’s creative, introspective, clever & funny, and a great storyteller with solid rhyme patterns — especially for a debut.


I look forward to the fruits of his next harvest.

Rating: 7 out of 12 Cans of PBR!

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