Album Reviews: Superchunk – “I Hate Music”

Bagel, contributor

I’m always afraid to hear a new Superchunk album. I know there’s a good chance it’ll be a letdown. I was concerned as the record is called “I
Hate Music” and the band may be considered “past their prime.” After their initial run from 1989 to 2001, the band went on hiatus until releasing “Majesty Shredding” in 2010. Thankfully, the new album is not only good, but arguably one of the best in their catalog. It feels like the welcome sight of an old friend, not one who’s overstayed their welcome.

There are new classics all over the album. “Breaking Down” is another heavy guitar romp with distinctive harmonies that feel great. “Low F” has me wearing out the repeat button as it’s so addictively good. Keep listening though, as the “Animated Airplane Over Germany” has landed and now we’re taken by every form of ground conveyance on a tour through the “Trees of Barcelona.”

For a band that “hates music,” they sure do make a lot of it and it’s amazing.

Rating: 11 of 12 Cans of PBR 

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