Animals That Would Make Good/Bad Trimmers

The title says it all, so let’s skip the dumb intro and get right to the dumb story:

Good Trimmers


Tyrannosaurus Rexes
Short arms allow for maximum efficiency, though he would take up a lot of room in the cabin.


Have you seen what they can do to whole trees?


Again, shorter nimble arms, but they’d probably let a bunch of buds “accidentally” fall into their pouch.


Efficient, good at devouring leaves and stems, but you’ll never get rid of them once the season is over unless you call in a specialist. You also don’t have to feed them and they come in groups of like 5,000.


Crabs and Lobsters
You wouldn’t even need to buy Fiskars.

Bad Trimmers


They’d take forever, always lay around, and take off for long periods of time without telling anyone where they were going.


They’d just make the whole scene really tense… Like the awkward silent guy you’ve been sitting next to for 4 days before someone finally told you he’s been on 25 hits of acid since he’s shown up.


Obvious reasons.

 Snake Trimmer
No fingers.

 Bunny Trimmer

They’re fast, like beavers with the teeth, but they always shave down the nug bad, sometimes just annihilating it all together.






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