Arcade Fire ~ The Suburb

Arcade Fire is what you might consider a “rated” band. While most albums and bands are either overrated or underrated, Arcade Fire manages to consistently be rated correctly. Most critics swoon over the band, heaping on praise. This is appropriate, as Arcade Fire has invariably released some of the most powerful and innovative music of the decade.

“The Suburbs”, released Aug. 8, debuted at No. 1 on Billboard. This, too, is appropriate; the album is phenomenal and deserved to be more popular than anything else that was recently released.

Much like the band’s full-length debut (“Funeral”) and follow-up (“Neon Bible”), this album manages to combine feelings of optimism and hope with a distant, foreboding darkness. Incredibly, “The Suburbs” is a very accessible record, even with dense, orchestral instrumentation and complex arrangements. Lyrically, the songs focus on recollections of a simpler time, when the suburbs didn’t sprawl to the horizon and there was a sense of community among strangers.

As it should, “The Suburbs” will surely be remembered as one of the finest albums of 2010.

9 out of 12 PBRs

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