Ben Allen

Ben is a guy that likes music.

Ben’s Ten: Volume IV: Songs About Education

With the school year just beginning, it seemed appropriate to take a look at some rock and roll songs that cover the subjects of education, teachers, teen angst and rebellion. Not surprisingly, most rock songs featuring lyrics about school discuss topics of sexuality, drug use and frustration — not so much good grades, positive studying habits and perfect attendance. Songs …

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Ben’s Ten: Volume III

1. David Bowie — “Ziggy Stardust” (1972) To the casual listener, the Bowie classic “Ziggy Stardust” may sound simply like the story of a rock star, his rise to fame and ultimately his tragic decline. Upon closer inspection, there’s so much more. Ziggy is actually an alien being sent to Earth with a message of hope, peace and love. The …

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Coat Hanger Cadaver

It’s a pretty good story … We got wasted in an alley, started a game called “piss foot fighting,” and there was a weird guy there named “Christopher Reeves” who claimed that when he died he wanted to be taxidermied (real word?) so his family could use him as a coat hanger. Fun night!

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Best cover band names EVER

Zoo Fighters Foo Fighters cover band devoted to combating circuses, carnivorism and animal confinement. Ten percent of all proceeds are donated to PETA. Nine Inch Rails Nine Inch Nails cover band with an unhealthy addiction to Peruvian marching powder. Murl Jam Septuagenarian cop-fronted ensemble covers “Even Flow” and “Jeremy”. Lady Ga Ga Goo Goo Toddlers playing Lady Gaga. Buns ‘n’ …

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