Chris Durant

Chris Durant has worked at not working for decades. He's the publisher of Savage Henry Magazine.

Restaurant Review: Bob’s Footlong

I went to Bob’s Footlongs in Fortuna for lunch one day while doing a little business. In all my years in Humboldt County I’d never eaten there and thought it was time. The extensive menu overwhelmed me, so I asked the clerk and the second clerk and the third clerk — a 3-1 clerk to customer ratio — what they …

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Bands of the Month: Charles Hargis and the Northern Hunger

There was a very vibrant music scene in Humboldt County in the early 2000s. One house in particular, The Janes Road House, is an old farm house near Greenview Market in Arcata that spawned quite a few bands. Zombie Core Allegiance and Relapse just to name two, but there were others. Chuck McCammon was one of those musicians from the …

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Restaurant Review: Kebab Cafe

Just started going to this place, frankly because I avoid Valley West as much as possible since my kids asked me why the skinny lady with all the pock marks on her face who had just demanded change from us was ripping off her top and crying for Donald Rumsfeld to stop the war in Bananastan. But now I wait …

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Shows you shoulda went to: Chicken of the sea

I don’t know how the baritone founder of Jurassic 5 and Ozamatli got his name, but no matter what Chali 2 Na goes by hip-hop legend should precede it. It was a little nerve wracking at first, with about six people in the crowd until just before opening act Medusa went on. It’s like there was a sign outside that …

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Leave the Poor Man Alive

Out of left field. It hit me like when Hunter Thompson turned a gun on himself. Out of left field. JD Salinger was dead. What? No, the JD Salinger? It’s not like the man had been on my radar for years, I forgot that he was even still held up in his Cornish, New Hampshire home — grumpy and mysterious. …

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