Zack Newkirk


Why NOT to see “AVATAR”

If you haven’t heard about this little movie called “Avatar”, let me break it down for you: A bunch of Earthicans invade a planet to mine a mineral called unobtanium (not kidding), but the locals (10-foot-tall, blue, stupid-looking creatures called the Na’vi) don’t cotton onto that scheme and, led by a traitorous human soldier, decide to fight off the Halliburton-like …

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Crimes Against a County: Humboldt in the Movies

What’s the one thing, above all else, that people think when they hear the word “Humboldt?” Why, that a handful of subpar movies have been filmed here, of course. It’s a life-altering event when Hollywood graces our humble locale, mainly because visiting cast and crew arrive in gold-plated hovercraft, only doffing their pince-nez and stovepipe hats long enough to sink …

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