Cornell Reid

Cornell is a super funny dude who consistently cracks everyone he comes into contact with up. He kinda has the midas touch but for laughs not gold, which is way way less valuable. Cornell grew up in Arcata and everyone said he was "hella tight." Now he lives in LA where he is a very popular stand-up comedian. All of his audiences refer to him as "hella tight." The president recently held a press conference where he said "the country may be going to shit but at least Cornell is hella tight."

Vince Vaughn’s Guide to Money

Money, the object of many discussions and deliberation. Money is a constant issue in every aspect of our lives whether its our job, stocks, house or even vacation, money is always on the back of your mind. There is only one person who knows all there is to know about money. Only one living soul on our planet knows more …

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Pool Rules at George Clooney’s House

I was hanging out with my main man, the Cloonster this weekend. I was swimming in his pool and sipping on his daiquiris when my eyes were drawn over to his extensive list of pool rules. I wrote them down and thought I’d share them with you, the Savage Henry readers. No running around the pool. No swimming 30 minutes …

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Dating Advice from Super Famous Scientists

Let’s be honest, dating is hard for everyone. Most of us are just too damn stupid to figure it all out. That’s why we here at Savage Henry are giving you the chance to ask the most famous and smartest people in the world some hard hitting questions. So sit back and get some answers about everything from hitting it …

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SNEAK PEEK: Beth the Bounty Hunter – Beth In Show

I texted Dog the Bounty Hunter the other day to see what he’s been up to. His answer, “A LOT BROTHER!!!” Evidently he is editing his wife’s new autobiography. You see, he already released his own very successful book of which I’ve read through several times (I absolutely love the pictures in the middle) so now he’s editing to make sure …

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