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I Cannot Tell a Lie #1: The Truth Behind The Garfield/McKinley Coinkydinks

We all know about the Lincoln/Kennedy conspiracy but what you may not know, is the only other two presidents who were assassinated also have similarities, even more eerie. For those who don’t know about Lincoln and Kennedy, here are some examples of the weird “coincidences”: Lincoln’s secretary’s last name was Kennedy, Kennedy’s secretary had a last name was Lincoln. They …

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Why the good old days were cooler than now….

Post-mortem photography. Dude! How hardcore does that sound? Pictures of dead people? Sign me up. But this isn’t Best Gore we’re talking about. If you want to see a guy’s head get lopped off for stealing the Ayatollah’s prized goat, you can find that. What I’m talking about goes way back — to about 175 years ago. With the invention …

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