From Backwards – Trump in the Trunk

The Dirty Bird, contributor


I’m thinking what you’re thinking. Donald Trump is underexposed.

We could use more artistic insights into his presidency. Thus, I give you From Backwards, hailing from the musical metropolis of Willits, California. From Backwards recorded some Trump parody songs that you may find Trumpalicious.


One track, “Trump in the Trunk,” is a decent jam that, in an ideal world, you could bob your head to. But it’s filled with snippets of Trump verbally vomiting into America’s face, and I ended up reaching for a Vicodin to calm down after a full listen. Scary fucking shit. Another standout is the parody of Digital Underground’s “Humpty Dance,” re-appropriated as “The Trumpty Dance.”


The songs are good, but they might leave you wondering if you killed more brain cells listening to them or from taking a rip off your Limited Edition Wu-Tang Clan water pipe. It’s close.


Rating: 5 out 12 cans of PBR!

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