Bad Threats: How to Talk Like a Tough Guy

When mano a mano violence is imminent, you’ve got to say the right thing to make your opponent quake in fear. Try these on for size next time you’re putting up your dukes:

“There’s gonna be two hits, pal: me hitting you, then me hitting the floor”

“Buddy, you’re gonna feel real guilty when I succumb to my injuries”

“Hope you like the sound of a woman crying, because that’s the noise I’m about to make”

“Get ready to see a whole lot of my blood”

“Prepare to orphan my children, you son of a gun”

“How does Manslaughter Self Defense sound to you? Well, you’re about to be charged with it”

“You better shut my mouth with your fist, or I’ll shut my own mouth for me”

“Would you hit a man with glasses? OK then, how about a corpse?”

“Don’t punch my butt or you’re gonna get feces on your hand, chief”

“You’d better be a priest, because I’m gonna need last rites in a second”

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