Who is Banksy

Banksy, the elusive, mythological street artist — he who one day tags up the alleys and call boxes in London, and the next hits the billboards and freeway signs of LA — is a mystery. No one knows who the real person or people are behind the stencil pieces with a social commentary flair. Well, we started a think tank with some grant money for BAG, or Businesses Against Graffiti, to find this troublemaker. Here’s our list of who may possibly be the real Bansky.

Tupac Shakur
The photo below, taken last May, leads us to believe there’s a strong possibility Tupac is the stenciler.


Elvis Presley
Maybe he has left the building, if only to go outside and paint on it.

Graffiti artist. Venice, California, USA.

DB Cooper
This guy held a plane in the air for ransom to get enough money for paint and stencil materials.

Andy Kaufman

Andy Kaufman
This is the strongest lead our think tank came up with. He does all of his paintings in the Latka voice.

Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison
After living in France he really felt the call of the famous painters and artists found in the museums of the city. He wanted to be a real artist, but since he was going by the alias JoJo Running Bear, and no one knew who he was, he couldn’t afford the supplies. That’s when he picked up street arts.


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