Ben’s 10 Volume XCI: Moments of Musician Weirdness

There’s a fine line between creativity and being bat-shit crazy. Artistic risks are often celebrated, but sometimes we’re left scratching our heads and wondering what the hell happened. It’s debatable as to whether these moments of artistic expression are regretful, or an indication of aesthetic advancement beyond the general public’s comprehension. Are the following artists daring, or out of their fucking minds?


Moment of Weirdness: Basically her entire career, but especially the video for “Triumph of a Heart,” where she loving interacts with her cat husband.

Ice Cube

Moment of Weirdness: Cube’s starring role in Are We There Yet? and other family-friendly shit-ball comedy films seems an interesting move for a tough gangster from Compton.

Cat Stevens

Moment of Weirdness: After becoming embracing eastern religion and retiring from pop music, Cat briefly fronted a Celtic black-metal band called Dying Emperor. Meow!

Glenn Danzig

Moment of Weirdness: The lord of punk and metal darkness once appeared singing a pop-lite version of “Mother” while dancing with the lovable Teletubby characters on television.

Syd Barrett

Moment of Weirdness: The original frontman of Pink Floyd was creative and weird to start with, but then lost his shit completely after taking too much acid.

Gene Simmons

Moment of Weirdness: One night the KISS frontman indulged in some PCP with his actor friend Richard Gere. The two of them took turns shoving paper towel tubes up their asses, enabling baby gerbils to climb inside and stimulate their prostates. This isn’t true, but seriously, fuck Gene Simmons!

  1. Kelly

Moment of Weirdness: R. Kelly is creative in all aspects of his life, from his music to his sexuality. He got very “artistic” the night he filmed himself peeing on a 15-year-old girl. Gross!

Bob Dylan

Moment of Weirdness: His entire career has been weird.


Moment of Weirdness: The infamous rapper was once arrested at JFK airport after smoking crack, informing a security office he was a “government official,” and attempting to steal a car. When questioned by the arresting officers, DMX was quoted as saying, “I make muthafuckas disappear.”

John Denver

Moment of Weirdness: As a form of stress-relief, the folksy, kind-hearted Denver secretly fronted a punk band called “Death to Reagan” during the early 80s.

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