Ben’s 10 Volume XCII: Inaugural S.H.I.T. Music Awards

Ben Allen, music editor


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the inaugural S.H.I.T. Music Awards. We will be looking back at the year 2017 and examining some of the finest moments in popular music. Please refrain from booing our host, Bob Saget, or engaging in inappropriate sexual activity with any of our other award show attendees.


“I Love Living in the UK in 1992” Award



On their first album in twenty-two years, Slowdive brilliantly return with a gloomy but gorgeous shoegaze masterpiece.


“Heavy, Far-Out Shit” Award

The Odyssey Cult

Volumes I and II

While some may feel that a double album of guitar feedback and noise may be pretentious, The Odyssey Cult’s debut is a unfiltered, raw form of self-expression.


“Damn, This is an Amazing Reissue” Award


Master of Puppets

Metallica’s 1986 magnum opus could not be any better, so why reissue it? Well, for fans that love this brutal, deafening metal masterpiece, hearing remastered and outtake versions of the original only enhances its perfection.

“Let’s Take Mushrooms and Go to the Beach” Award

White Manna

Bleeding Eyes

Humboldt’s own White Manna return with another wild, adventurous classic rock recording. “Vimanas” is perhaps their most accessible recording to date, with a feeling of dancing the night away on peyote at the Fillmore in the year 1967.


“Devastation Manifested As Brilliance” Award

Mount Eerie

A Crow Looked at Me

Unfortunately, some of the best art is created through traumatic emotional experiences. Phil Elverum lost his wife Genevieve to cancer and essentially wrote an album as a method of processing his grief. It’s a beautiful, haunting and emotional recording that will inevitably leave you in tears.


“Thank God You’re Back” Award

LCD Soundsystem

American Dream

On their first release since 2010, LCD Soundsystem triumphantly return with an album reflecting everything that makes their dance grooves and hipster techno so irresistible.

“This is Better than any Hippie-shit 60’s Music” Award

Lee Ranaldo

Electric Trim

Sonic Youth’s Lee Ranaldo released his most important solo record by embracing his Grateful Dead-loving instincts.


“It’s Still Cool to Have a Beard and Sing Folk Songs” Award

Fleet Foxes

Crack Up

Robin Pecknold and his band wrote and recorded a masterpiece that simultaneously embraces their “beard-rock” past while opening the gates of creativity into new realms.


“When Will This Band Hit the Big Time?” Award

This Blinding Light


Seattle’s This Blinding Light tapped famed grunge producer Jack Endino to record their best EP to date. Opening track “Stars” is infectious classic rock-inspired pop.


“Way to Go, You Emo Rapper” Award


Moh Lhean

Yoni Wolf and crew return with his best recording since 2009’s Eskimo Snow. Like that record, Moh Lhean is often depressing, but bold, honest and important statement from a constantly evolving artist.

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