Ben’s 10 volume XL: The Real Story Behind Paula Abdul’s “Opposites Attract”

Paula Abdul was hot shit back in 1989. When her single “Opposites Attract” dropped in November of that year, it quickly rose to number one. It was her fourth single in a row from her debut “Forever Your Girl” album to reach the top of the charts. The track was a duet and featured lyrical content dealing with a couple who love each other despite being different in every possible way.

The video went into heavy rotation and was wildly popular on MTV. The clip showcases Abdul singing, dancing and discussing relationship issues with an animated feline named “MC Skat Kat.” Skat Kat is

one bad ass animal who smokes cigarettes, hangs with the Stray Mob (Micetro, Taboo and Fatz) and disturbingly alludes to sexual relations with Abdul. This feline/human interaction seems bizarre, but also oddly intriguing.

I found a bootleg copy on VHS at Angel’s of Hope thrift store containing not only an extended
version of the original video, but also a “Making of Opposites Attract” feature with interviews of those involved in the project. What follows is some of the more revealing and scandalous moments behind the production.

1) Attempting to fit in with the crew, Paula experimented with freebasing catnip. In a tearful interview, the singer recounts a three day binge that culminated in a liquor store heist followed by an orgy with her feline co-stars.

2) MC Skat Kat’s real name is “Jeff Johnson.” He received his moniker from friends who discovered his affection for the sex act known as the “Cleveland Steamer.”

3) Abdul and MC Skat Kat consummated their relationship behind some trashcans in an alley.

4) A day of the production was cancelled when Micetro went missing. He was found two days later disoriented in a field with his head stuck in an old Doritos bag.

5) Taboo and Abdul would relax together in their trailer between takes watching explicit pornographic films.

6) Shortly before shooting began, the cats committed armed robbery at a Los Angeles craft store. Their total heist yielded only nine yellow balls of yarn.

7) The shoot was delayed on several occasions when MC Skat Cat became preoccupied with a laser pointer that a mischievous cameraman brought onto the set.

8) Abdul and Skat Cat continued to date after production wrapped. Their romance ended when Skat met “Waffles,” a

three year old female in heat.

9) To celebrate completion of the shoot, the cats got together, consumed an enormous amount of milk and took turns licking Paula’s fur burger.

10) Before shooting the video, Abdul had no experience with hard drug use. Micetro and

Fatz introduced to her Ephedrine, which she continues to ingest daily.

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