Ben’s 10 Volume XLIV: Questions for Bob Seger

Recently, I was fortunate enough to sit down and have a brief, but informative conversation with rock legend Bob Seger.
Seger is an incredibly successful recording artist, known for his accessible songwriting referred to by some as “heartland rock.” Some of his biggest hits include “Against the Wind,” “Turn the Page” and “Old Time Rock and Roll.” He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2004.
At the insistence of his publicist, I was limited to only ten questions, which is perfect for this column.

Ben Allen: Hello, Bob. You have a sound that connects with a lot of people. It doesn’t seem like you stray much from what’s expected of you. Is that intentional?
Bob Seger: I like that old time rock and roll.

BA: So who are some younger, newer bands that you’ve been listening to?
BS: Today’s music ain’t got the same soul.

BA: You don’t listen to any modern bands?
BS: Call me a relic, call me what’cha will. Say I’m old fashioned, say I’m over the hill.

BA: I wasn’t trying to say that at all. What format do you use to listen to music?
BS: I Just take those old records off the shelf. I’ll sit and listen to ’em by m’self.

BA: It sounds like you listen exclusively to “classic” rock and roll?
BS: I like that old time rock and roll.

BA: What is it about those older bands and songs that you enjoy so much?
BS: It’s the kinda music just soothes the soul.

BA: What do you think about when you listen to that music you love so much?
BS: I reminisce about the days of old.

BA: At the peak of your commercial success, disco was also very popular. Did you ever get into that scene?
BS: Don’t try to take me to a disco. You’ll never even get me out on the floor. In 10 minutes I’ll be late for the door.

BA: What about other genres of music? Do you ever attend concerts that don’t fall into the rock genre?
BS: Won’t go to hear ’em play a tango. I’d rather hear some blues or funky old soul.

BA: That’s understandable. What music do you enjoy seeing live?
BS: There’s only one sure way to get me to go. Start playin’ old time rock and roll.


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Our music editor Ben Allen was born one stormy evening in a quaint Northern California coastal village. Upon birth he was immediately exposed to the soothing analog sounds of artists such as Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles, Paul Simon, Captain Beefheart and Santana. As the lad grew, so did his appreciation for an assortment of abrasive hard rock. A pubescent flirtation with butt metal was shattered in the early 1990’s by exposure to Nirvana and other so-called “Alternative” bands. While in college, our protagonist became a DJ on a local station, and began work as a freelance music journalist. During this period he became entranced with artists such as Tortoise, Slint, Modest Mouse, Guided By Voices and Pavement. Currently Allen resides in Arcata, CA where he continues to obsess and salivate over new recordings by his favorite artists. He works with music industry people to ensure that Savage Henry’s contributors receive music and other promotional materials. He also writes a silly monthly list titled “Ben’s 10.”

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