Ben’s 10 Volume XLVI – Art Garfunkel’s Hair: A Photo Retrospective

(Art 1)
Here we find Art looking like your weird, perverted uncle who unnecessarily dresses up for relatively mundane occasions. “Happy 11th birthday, George; I wore this tux and my spectacles just for you!”

Art 2

(Art 2)
A.G. trying his hardest to look seductive with a smug smile, sexy V-Neck shirt, and a receding hairline like a Jewish Bozo theClown.

Art 3

(Art 3)
The sharp suit and frizzy, playful hair does nothing to deter the fact that he resembles a nefarious villain from some awful B-Movie.


Art 4

(Art 4)
There must have been some type of shocking event as Garfunkel looks vaguely dazed here. His hair is also extra frizzed, as ifhe was attempting to make love to a live electrical outlet.

Art 5

(Art 5)
This photo was taken immediately after a failed business meeting with a music industry executive. Due to his lack of popularity, his management team was attempting to book him a national tour playing exclusively at Chuck E. Cheese restaurants.

Art 6

(Art 6)
Art worked hard during the peak of his popularity with Paul Simon. Sometimes he dressed like a pirate and just wanted to liedown on a park bench.

Art 7

(Art 7)
Here is Art looking like a woman you might meet at a senior water aerobics class.

Art 8

(Art 8)
This smile signifies Art’s confidence in his solo career despite being dismissed by critics and largely ignored by all humanity. To comfort himself, he walked across the continental U.S.

Art 9

(Art 9)
Later in life, A.G. let his beard grow and began expressing his creativity with boring landscape paintings.

Art 10

(Art 10)
Garfunkel is no stranger to the theatre and acting world. Unfortunately for him, he failed this audition for NapoleonDynamite!

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