Ben’s 10 Volume XLVII: Mysterious Video Game Composers

Unfortunately, it seems the composers of many classic video games have been overlooked. Not enough credit is given to those creative geniuses who soundtrack electronic games. I’ve decided to highlight some of these talented genius’ finer works.

Meatloaf – Diablo 3
I don’t know if Meatloaf actually scored Diablo, he just seems like a beefy dude that would love to nerd out and play games.

Olivia Newton-John – Wii Fit
The ‘80s power pop queen who brought us “Let’s Get Physical” certainly is no stranger to a thorough workout.

Johann Sebastian Bach – Pong
Apparently, composed during his minimalist phase, this soundtrack consisted solely of tiny “bleeps.”

Slayer – Castlevania
Who better to score an evil game than the band that wrote songs like “Hell Awaits” and “Angel of Death.”

Miles Davis – Call of Duty
For such a heavy, violent game, it’s odd that such a mellow jazz cat would take the time to write its soundtrack.

Cannibal Corpse – Pokemon
Why the editors of a game featuring the adorable Pikachu and friends would select songs like “I Will Kill You” is beyond me.

Liberace – PAC MAN
When the flamboyant entertainer wasn’t performing his elaborate shows, he was writing music to accompany popular ‘80s video games!

STRYPER – Contra
Who knew such a wicked game was scored by a bunch of cheese-dick Christian-metal dudes?

 Silverchair – Sonic the Hedgehog
When they weren’t busy defiling the genre of grunge, the popular Aussie group was writing tunes to accompany Sonic and Tails!

Indigo Girls – Tomb Raider
Laura Croft’s adventures were accompanied by the soothing tones of the Indigo Girls.

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