Ben’s 10 Volume XXXV: The Fanciest Outfits of Liberace

Believe it or not, the famous showman known as Liberace was the highest paid entertainer during the 1950’s up until the 1970’s. When he wasn’t busy singing, playing piano and acting in terrible television specials, the man had a sense of fashion that could only be described as “flamboyant.” Some of these costumes look like something Elton John would have worn in 1976 had he consumed large quantities of ketamine and LSD.

Despite the absurdity of his outfits, there’s something to be said for putting on a good show including the visual element. What follows are examples of some of the fanciest stage apparel you’re ever likely to see:

1. The American Patriot
Like all good Americans, Liberace celebrated freedom by wearing our nation’s colors in the form of sexy hot pants and sparkly fringe.

2. Beige Winged Suit
This amazing suit was saved for special occasions when the man was feeling light as a feather and free as a bird.

3. Jolly Saint Dick
I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Santa left his post at the North Pole and became a hustling pimp on the streets of Detroit.

4. Famous Fringe
In the late ‘60s, Liberace wanted to fit in with the whole hippie scene, while simultaneously celebrating his love of pink.
Just look at those shoes!

5. The Floating Peacock
Sometimes the man just defied gravity in his technicolor dreamcoat.

6. The Benevolent Bow
Liberace looks so cute in his gigantic bow and enormous rings, you just want to wrap him up and deliver him to someone as a present.

7. Pink Bath Robe
When you feel like just taking a shower then relaxing, slip into this bath robe complete with low hanging testicles!

8. Prince Puss-a-lot
Not only did Liberace live an extravagant lifestyle like a prince, he was also fond of dressing like one.

9. Silver Vampire
This is what happens when you cross your old, perverted uncle with “The Count” of Sesame Street fame.

10. Pink Flamingo
While he didn’t have much time to visit zoos, our hero liked to look and act like the birds he so admired.

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