Blackheart Honeymoon – Mountains Speak

Samantha Gilweit, contributor

I feel like if you told alt-folk bands that they could no longer use the words, “home,” “road,” and “alone” in their lyrics, most would be totally fucked.

I am happy to say that Blackheart Honeymoon is a refreshing exception. Finally a country/rock/folk indie band that I can listen to without feeling the need to take a sea voyage, make organic moonshine, or grow obnoxious facial hair.

Mountains Speak is an album, while definitely in the alt/indie vein, still completely sincere in its pop and folk roots. A little like the Decemberists, but without all the annoying boat references. The record definitely delves into pop-country territory, but in the best way possible, kind of like a modern day Fleetwood Mac.

But Mountains Speak isn’t trying to harken back to some lost era. It’s roots music for the here and now. Check out the track “Bodies” for a great injection of feel-good feelings.

Rating: 10 out of 12 Cans of PBR!

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