This Blinding Light – Mountain

Dutch Savage, contributor


I am guessing this band is from Seattle? Acclaimed grunge producer Jack Endino worked with This Blinding Light to create a riff-pop sludge grunge Rock and Roll EP and it does not disappoint.


Catchy riffs and college-radio vocals smash themselves together, creating a kind of heaviness — not quite “Melvins-heavy,” but definitely producing a thickness (zip) that fans of Pacific Northwest sounds will find appealing. Bass is prominent on tracks like “Tree Of life” and “Heaven,” the latter sounding like an old Sub Pop-era gem. Album closer “Eyes” is fuzzy as fuck; the hypnotic vocals are dynamic and layered, while guitars glide alongside somewhere in outer space.


Each of the five songs here are reminiscent of distant but familiar 1990s-era indie pop music, but this time we see it wrapped in a post-“alternative” apocalyptic wasteland. This band might be huge if it were 25 years ago!


Rating: 10 out of 12 cans of PBR!

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